Barbie Pink Storm Sweeping the World

Recently, the news that the live action movie "Barbie" is released globally on July 21st has caused a sensation worldwide. As a movie that exploded before it was released, "Barbie" will become an inevitable fashion event this summer.


How Hot is Barbie?

The official Barbie movie account has not released many videos on TikTok, but each video has exceeded 30000 views. The vibrant pink color on the full screen has sparked heated discussions among many netizens.

A stream of "Barbie Stream" has been launched on the extranet. In many mainstream overseas social networking platforms, the search for "Barbie" has a very high amount of play, and Almost all all videos related to "Barbie" have a high degree of popularity. And the videos mostly feature a youthful and lively tone, bold prints, and expressive clothing and accessories.


Barbie Core Trend

The Barbie trend can be said to be the ancestor of the recent dopamine craze. In the dual traffic highland of dopamine dressing and Barbie movies, the Barbie trend is definitely one of the hottest marketing trends in the second half of this year. Barbiecore's followers always prioritize the pink color scheme, and different types of girls will choose the color scheme concentration based on their personal characteristics. The following are the Barbie series colors we recommend to fashion bloggers based on our research and investigation, for reference:

Hot Pink Pastel Pink

Lavender violet


If you want to keep up with the "Barbie trend", you can consider the following items!



Hair, as a part of women's makeup, naturally needs to be included in our consideration. Pinterest's 2023 trend forecast shows that bicolor hair will become more popular in 2023. The hair color with natural color and bright blue, purple and pink will be popular in Generation Generation Z and Millennials. We can use the above colors as a reference for wig colors.



When multi-color aesthetics have become popular across the internet, they have also ignited colorful nail salons, and many fashionable women have been able to "lock" the colorful summer into their nail salons. Amidst the residual heat of the movie "Barbie" and its multi color palette, Barbie aesthetics will also drive nail enhancement into another new fashion trend. When choosing a nail enhancement, we can use pink as the main color and other high contrast colors as auxiliary colors. The nail pattern can refer to elements from the movie "Barbie" or symbols of colorful summer, creating multiple fashionable nail enhancements with Barbie aesthetics.


Tanktop Shapewear

In this hot summer, there is nothing more suitable for you to wear out than a sling. Wearing cool and very free. This Tanktop shapewear product from KKP has also entered people's attention under the Barbie craze. The unique pink color is very eye-catching, and the material is polyamide, so it is very comfortable to wear. The V-neck design is very casual, and also features a no compression bra, allowing your chest to be in a relaxed state and very comfortable!


Don't hesitate, keep up with this craze!